Motivation Quote API

Your daily source of inspiration! Fuel your day with positivity and motivation through our curated collection of uplifting quotes. Let the power of words drive you towards success and happiness. Start your journey now!

Getting Started

A Motivation Quote Api, Your daily source of inspiration. Start your journey now!

  1. Set up a get request: Make an Axios or a fetch request. It's required for boilerplate.
  2. Make a Request: Use the API endpoint with your API key to get a motivational quote in JSON format.
    Here is an example:
        // Replace the URL with the actual API endpoint you want to request
        const apiUrl = '';
        // Making a GET request using Axios
         .then(response => {
           // Handle the response data
        .catch(error => {
          // Handle errors
          console.error('Error making GET request:', error.message);
  3. Display the Quote: Integrate the received quote into your application or website. Customize the display to match your design.

API Endpoints

Get Motivational Quote

Endpoint: GET


Example Response:

    "_id": "65e434cd896530ca06161b1b",
    "quote": "Believe you can and you're halfway there.",
        "author": "Theodore Roosevelt"
    "__v": 0

Rate Limits

Users have a limit of 100 requests per hour.


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